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Data Sharing

GridScore offers a mechanism with which trial setups and collected data can easily be shared between devices simply by scanning a QR code. This makes it particularly easy to set up a trial from the comfort of your office laptop/desktop computer where you may have your germplasm lists and trait definitions and then transferring the created trial to the mobile data collection device.

This is achieved by selecting the Share data/configuration action on the data view. If this is the first time sharing this trial, you will see a screen like the one below.

Data sharing

To receive the trial on the other device, select Import trial and use the button to start the QR code scanner. Point it at the QR code on the source device and your trial should show up in an instant.

Once a trial has been shared between devices, they are all linked together through the internal trial identifier. From this point on, any device can select the Synchronize data with the cloud action. This will send your data to the cloud where it is synchronized with potential new data from other people working on the same trial and you will then receive the latest synchronized dataset back. In some cases, GridScore may not be able to synchronize your data automatically (e.g. the same plot has been scored for the same trait on the same day). In those cases, you will have to decide whether to keep your own data or the data that is currently stored in the cloud. Selecting one of these options will result in the data being synchronized giving priority to the selected data source.

Data sharing dropdown

At any time, you can use the QR code sharing mechanism again to share the trial with more devices. You can also load the updated data onto your laptop/desktop PC to make the most of the data visualizations on a larger screen.